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Mambo True DEFI Stablecoins

Launch of 3 new Mambo stablecoins, August 3rd, 4th

We are excited to announce the launch of 3 new of it's kind Mambo stablecoins.
Each is pegged on the 2 years moving average of the underlying asset:

$MiniBTC, Mini BITCOIN contract address: zil1tma2udq07t9yddru4aus7ql7p5p29eneptx4jc
$LIBERTY, GOLD Stablecoin
contract Address: zil18w5yektqu7938727ldx9x87gxzrsu7stz6hqq4
$007, 007 BOND Contract Address: zil1cx2ealcdx64d4qm92yvekceffkxgtxr2uhxh98
(pegged on Monero 2yma)

You can add them already to your wallet.
Join our telegram group to receive updates!

They are launched on MamboSwap and limit orders DEX.
First opens MamboSwap, and shortly after this we open a zilall LP with a sell walll near the peg.

To buy on MamboSwap you need $FRANC, on you need Zil.
Always compare prices and rates and swap where it is better.
Attention: Because $FRANC is currently off peg, this may lead to volatiliy of the $FRANC - NewStable rate.
If you need to buy $FRANC, you most probably get a better price on zilswap, then zilall Dex than on MamboSwap.
If you use dex, we recommend to swap with Zil, not zUSDT, because zUSDT has low liquidity there and this cause more price slippage.

plannted launch time:
$MiniBTC: August 3, about 21:00 GMT +1 (central europe)
$LIBERTY : August 3, about 23:45 GMT +1
$007: August 4, about 10:00 am, GMT +1

What is Mambo?

What is Mambo in 2 minutes PDF [71 KB]
What is Mambo in 2 minuts video
- We produce and successfully run NOW:
True DEFI Stablecoins, post fiat money era currencies
- We organize 100% fair ILOs at MILO Launchpad
- We run fixed rates MamboSwap for stablecoins

Our Vision

[update Oct. 20201: Our vision became reality] serves as pivot point for information about a new kind of decentralized stablecoins and tokens. Most of those new stable coins will not be pegged to Fiat currency, as are most stable coins, but they will be pegged to physical assets of our daily life, like food and other things.
At the beginning we plan to deploy those stable coins on the Zilliqa Blockchain and on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) using DEX`s (Decentralized Exchanges) like Zilswap and Pancakeswap.
The combination of pegging the price on physical assets and the decentralized so called trustless blockchain technology has the potential to be accepted over time as trustworthy currency suitable for every day use, decentralized and independent from the forced corset of the old corrupt financial world and independent of authoritarian governments. The best thing that could happen is, when others copy our stable coin visions and deploy their own stable coins according to their needs and regional conditions. The avalanche of such decentralized traded trustless stable coins has the potential, to replace the centralized currencies, that are issued and abused by corrupt incompetent governments.
And because those stable coins run on a decentralized blockchain an are traded on a decentralized Exchange (DEX) or smart contract swap, this avalanche of stable coins cannot be stopped and they will somewhere in future be the payment currencies of the free people.
More about our Stable Coin Visionin the Token Philosophy.
--»» The Mambo Stablecoins, mStables ««--
You can join the mambo community to be informed from beginning about new creations and important informations. Join our telegram channel. See below.
In addition to the open telegram channels and groups and the information on this website, we offer an
Inner Cercle Mambo Membership (ICMM) It`s payed with MAMBO Tokens. Details here.
MAMBO Reward Token issued in April 2021 it`s own Token.More infos here.
The MAMBO Reward Token has the Potential of strong value growth in the case, the stable-coins presented here will have a good acceptance.
The stable coins, once established, can be reliable, non volatile, decentralized assets, good for parking wealth. And because they are not very volatile like cryptocurrencies, they are an ideal medium of exchange.
- enthusiastic blockchain programmer for Zilliqa and BSC, who would like to learn the zilliqa programming language Scilla or who allready knows it
- and DEFI DEX specialists who know to progam smart contracts. trading robots and UI (user web interfaces) to interact with DEXs like pancakeswap or zilswap, fix rate swaps, in the BSC and Zilliqa Chain.
Priority is to build a fix rate swap (exchange) with variables: rate, margin, and daily maximum. (Variables changed by token owner or delegated account.)
This was achieved in Summer 2021: MamboSwap!
We still need help from programmers, specially with web UI expierience.

contact - Kontakt telegram
If you are interested in lauching your Token on MILO, contact Admin of @MamboToken

Youtube Mambo Channel:
Twitter: @MrCryptoMambo
Stablecoin factory
channel: Most infos in Mambo channel and group, see above.
Who we are:
We are real goats shepherds, visionaries of stablecoins for free people as a reaction to the corrupt & more and more totalitarian financial system which is void of integrity. Monetrary theory researchers .... and we hate the face mask hypocrisy and idiotisme.
Measure us on our deeds.
Time will proof, that we are not scammers, and the goal is, that the coins run ether fully automatically decentralized, even if we retire or that our concept is imitated by many other independent groups worldwide.
Once some of our best stablecoin visions are realized and are completely run by smart contracts and probaby supported by trading robots, we are replaceable and our ideas can be easily copied!!!!
Proof of history. DYOR, i.e. on the blockchainviews compared to the specific tokenomy and then trust.
Wer sind wir:
Wir sind Visionäre von Stablecoins für freie Leute als Reaktion auf das korrupte und mehr und mehr totalitäre Finanzsystem.
Miss uns an unseren Taten.
Die Zeit wird beweisen, dass wir keine Scammers sind und unser Ziel ist, dass die stablecoins voll automatisch laufen dezentralisiert laufen, auch wenn wir uns zurückziehen.
Wenn einige unserer besten stablecoin Visionen realisiert sind und komplett durch Smart Contracts und trading Roboter laufen, sind wir ersetzbar und unsere Ideen kopierbar!
Proof of history.
Glaube dieser Website nicht. DYOR, mach deine Recherchen, z.B. auf blockchainviews und vergleiche es mit der hier beschriebenen tokenomy der einzelnen Tokens, dann kannst du vertauen oder auch nicht.