Inner Cercle

Inner Cercle Mambo Membership

To be member of ICMM requires you to join the privat ICMM telgram group.
If you applied for membership, it is possible we cannot contact you by your telegram name.
In this case join our open @MamboToken group and contact an Admin.

An Inner Cercle Mambo Membership (ICMM) is payed in MAMBO Tokens
. Subcriptions models below.
The more the price of Mambo Token goes up, the more the Membership will cost.
The Inner Cercle access is limited to 200 members. (number may change)
What use do you have with a membership:
- You get informed first as member of the ICMM privat telegram group about new stablecoins and possible limited presale occasions before they are on DEX
- You get earliest information about when a new mStable liquidity pool is opened, this gives you possibilty to buy into it at a lower price.
- You get an limited amount of new mStables near the initial Liquitity Pool price
- You get acces to membership only content on this site. But the icmm telegram group gives more current infos.
- Planned: ICMM MamboSwap with better rates or less margin.
The information to early access to liquidity pool or presale price may bring you in a positions that normally only whales have. Once they buy into a new pool, the price maybe x times higher allready for the later ones.

We are preparing the access to the ICMM in the following days. stay tuned, join our telegram channel and group.

Price of ICMM Membership

Current Membership prices. Prices may change.
1 year: 5000 Mambos
2 years: 9000 Mambos
3 years: 12500 Mambos
Lifetime: 18800 Mambos
Lifetime private telegram DM with mambo admin for more privacy: 99800 Mambos

ICMM Subscription Form

Telegram Nickname for private telegram ICMM group. You must be a subscriber of the free Mambo telegram channel

Enter the zil address with which you will pay the membership. We need this to be able to add the right telegram nickname to the iccm after payment is received.

Your subscription

Choose your subscription.

For more privacy, if you don't like to expose your tg name in a group. You must enabe to DM you in telegram for us to be able to contact you.

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