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Rewards %

Investing in mStablecoins is like investing in
Wealth Growth Saving Plans with realistic sustainable interest rates.
Mambo Stablecoins apply a yearly growth rate.
$FRANC 2-5% (anticipated)
has as growth potential of about 200% to full peg.
All $MAMBO holders profit from the fact, that we buy up and burn occasionally some $MAMBOs. This supports the $MAMBO price and make the token more rare.
This is a kind of uncomplicated, fair rewards, without generating a lot of transaction costs.
Burner history:

Other rewards besides the increasing peg of the stablecoins:

$FRANC Rewards up to 10% of sales volume, (max 1000 $FRANC ) for the first 10 shops accepting one of our stablecoin as payment.

Contact us, if you own a online or offline shop or business and begin to accept our stablecoins as payment, to claim the rewards and to be listed and linked here.
1000 dedicated FRANC: Rewards for using FRANC.
Make 3 transfers to get a 1 time reward of 20 FRANC. Details here....
New: Newbie Reward 1500 FRANC dedicated!!
Help a newbie to get his first cryptos and send him 20 FRANC. Yout get another 30 FRANC. He gets additional 500 Mambos.
Must be claimed with this application form. will be ready soon. Condition.
Newbie must join as new member our telegram group: @MamboToken
New: Marketing Rewards. Rewards for Influencers
Rewards helping getting known outside of zilliqa. i.e. youtube video about Mambo project, tweets.
Details follow below.....

Marketing Rewards

Help Mambo to get the Mambo Stablecoin projects known.
Personal exited recommendation from mouth to mouth or smartphone to smartphone, etc. is very good marketing.
Tell others why you like Mambo Project and Stablecoins and Mambo Token itself.
Maybe you get a new one and can claim the newbie reward.

If you are well established in social media or even have some followers,
you can Claim Rewards for making effectiv marketing efforts for Mambo:
We pay 500 - 50000 Mambos depending on how effective we estimat you effort.
Make a youtube video and tell why you find Mambo project good.
Minimum 1000 to 25000 Mambos Reward
Make 3 tweets and/or fb post that are seen by others and write what you find good about the Mambo project.
Minimum 500 Mambos if we find it was read by enough people. But do not spam. Make it clever.
You can start a discussion asking questions like,
Do you understand the concept of Mambo Stablecoins?
What do you think of Mambo Stablecoins?
Write me a telegram DM @Jlammm to claim the rewards and send me some links to prove your efforts.

If you can influence other groups to take a look at Mambo, aks us for rewards before you make it, so that we can measure your effort, if there is some new volume.
Welcome to any good marketing idea or connections to important ppl in the cryptospace.