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MILO - Fair and Affordable Token Launch

If you plan to launch a token as fair as possible at an affordabe price and very comfortable conditions,
and you like to be assisted in tokenomics , then contact admin in our telegram group:

What is MILO?

MILO is Mambo Initial Launch Offering.
MILO allows for 100% fair Token Launches.
Probably one of the most fair initial token offering in cryptospace.

If you want to launch your token 100% fair, get in contact with us: tg @MamboToken
It costs minimum 80K $Mambos (price may not be up2date) and a little share in the new token. It's affordable for small budget.
If you want to launch your token to be paid with zUSDT instead of $FRANC, it costs minimum 200k Mambos and some zUSDT.
We offer to launch your own stablecoin, with name, logo and quantity of your choice, pegged on a $FRANC rate, fully managed by Mambo.
If you need an utility token in your project for payments, consider to launch a stablecoin with us instead of a highly volatile speculative token, which makes regular payments absurd and not calculable. Do not repeat this same mistake as most projects do.
It's time to stop this cryptospace absurdity of trying to make payments with volatile speculation tokens.
At one point we must stop playing around and make serious calculable business, but with next generation true DEFI stablecoins.

Why is MILO a fair Launch?

Based on MamboSwap with it's possibility
- to limit swap amount per account (wallet) per time frame
- fixed rates.
- Milo-Swap total token limit
Togehter this enables a launch where the majority of small investores get their aimed share in full - since bigger investores can only buy with bigger amounts later, when the limits are lifted up. But the bigger investors get the same early prices for the same limited amounts.
That means, everybody can get the best prices for a limited amount.
Example from Milky launch archive.

Succesful MILO events:

We launched successfully on MamboSwap MILO:

- $miniBTC, $LIBERTY and $007 BOND, August 2022
- $Christmas, Christmas Stablecoin December 2021
- ZilAds, $ADS,launched on October 23
- MILKY,Milky BabyStable
- mUSD,Mambodollar (first USD pegged coin on zilliqa, better than an usd stablecoin)
How the events did happen. Look at MILO Archive