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Use Cases of mStablecoins

The following shops accept some cryptos and the mambo stablecoins & tokens as payment:

$Milky Shop: Buy tast cappuccino, iced milk coffee, etc:

$FRANC buy real gold, silver electrodes, colloids, survival with $FRANC

$LIBERTY buy gold, colloidal gold, silver with $LIBERTY GOLD Stablecoin

online, offline shops which accept stablecoins

As soon as many shops will accept specially decentralized stablecoins as payment,
the centralized controll and painful kyc are history.
The only reason for kyc is for those running the govs to be able to control, enslave you and suck out everything possible financially, to maintain and build up their power.

$FRANC Rewards up to 5% of sales volume, (max 1000 $FRANC ) for the first 5 shops accepting one of our stablecoin as payment.

Contact us, if you own a online or offline shop or business and begin to accept our stablecoins as payment and you like to be listed and linked here.