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THANKS, Thank You
THANKS, Thank You

What is $THANKS?

is a stablecoin, issued by, backed by other cryptocurrencies.
Thanks is a Limited Edition Stablecoin.

$Thanks has a limited supply of 10'000 tokens.
No minting function, only burning.

Contract Address: zil14mh5kzrdh3c0hya8n7t77cr6aq9a7mc43mxm0w

Exchanges: 100% on MamboSwap vs. $FRANC, Chocolate Stablecoin.

Buy $Thanks now on MamboSwap and give thanks to somebody you like and you want to say Thank YOU!

$Thanks is fixed pegged on the value of 5 $FRANC.

Read all about the specialty of $THANKS in the WHITEPAPER [112 KB]

Thanks was launched on October 23, 2021 just after the succesful $ADS token launch as a Thank You surprise for the partakers.