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MAX Mad Max Memecoin

$MAX Mad Max is the Memecoin to put your Madness into.

This is the whole story of MAX.

Mad of having been rugpulled.
Mad of experiencing FUD an FOMO.
Mad of having made trading losses.
Mad on someone else?

Now take all your Madness and put in into $MAX.

Airdrop How to get some $MAX for free!

Conditions for the Airdrop: fulfill some easy tasks or own at least 50K $Mambos
Details here. [104 KB]

Where to buy $MAX at launch?

Where to buy $MAX at launch:
You must buy $Franc on or zilswap (compare prices) to be able to buy MAX on Mamboswap!

Trade after launch:
on DEX Liquidity Pool with limited order possibility.
Infos on https://Mambo.Li

Read the Madmax Orangpaper (Whitepaper)

For detailled Information,read the MAX MAD MAX Orangepaper [101 KB]