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Caim 1 time Reward for using FRANC

The Mambo project is all about getting known and used our Stablecoins.

Make only 3 transfers of FRANC to other walltes to get this 1 time reward:

We reward with a 1 time reward of 20 FRANC everyone who makes from his wallet 3 transfers of FRANC to any other wallet.
Condition: you must hold minimum 40 FRANC in Wallet or LP. Each transfer minimum 20 Francs.
Condition: None of the accounts, sender or receiver are involved already in another claim of such rewards.
You must claim the rewards with the form below.

Claiming Rewards for sending FRANC to 3 wallets

write the wallet zil addresse, from where you sent to 3 other wallets. You will get the reward to this account

write minimum 3 wallet addresses where you sent minimum 20 FRANC each.

* denotes required fields that have to be filled out.