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Claim Newbie Reward

Give, and it will be given to you! (eternal principle)
By helping newbies with opening and handling a zilliqa wallet like zilpay,
you help not only our Mambo Project, but you help the whole Zilliqa Ecosystem!!

How to get the newbie reward:
Help a newbie to get his first cryptos and send him 20 FRANC. Yout get another 30 FRANC. He gets additional 500 Mambos.
Must be claimed with application form below.
1) You must be member of telegram group @MamboToken
2) You must hold at least 10000 Mambo in same wallet (LP counts too)
2) Newbie must join as new member our telegram group: @MamboToken and you must write in the form his @telegramname so that we can check it.
3) The wallet of the newbie is not older (first transaction) than 2 month (from this claim back).
4) you must give your and the newbies zil address to be paid.

If the @name is hidden, you may DM me additionally to help me find you in the @mamboToken group

we need your zil wallet address to check whether you are eligible and to pay the FRANC reward to you.

The Newbie must join our telegram group @MamboToken

We need the newbie zil address to check whether you both are eligible for the rewards and to pay the Mambo rewards to the Newbie.

* denotes required fields that have to be filled out.