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Roadmap Mambo Stablecoins

2022 Roadmap

Q1 - consolidation of collateral in prolonged bear market,
- preparing the launch of MiniBTC, Mini Bitcoin 365 MA
Preparing to focus on marketing, videos, education, building up followers

Q2: launch of more Stablecoins
- MiniBTC , Mini Bitcoin 365MA
- Liberty = 100 FRANC and another Stablecoin pegged on exclusie luxury watch.
- BOND Stablecoins.
Marketing: producing more videos about Mambo stablecoins and cryptos in general, to get more attention on our project.

Q3 + Q4: 2022: We plan to deploy $FRANC and $miniBTC on the BSC and make it available in a BNB-“mStable“ Liquidity pool of the DEX pancakeswap.

When we will issue more mStables on Zilliqa and BSC heavily dependends on the developpement and acceptance and behaviour of the first ones.

2023: We do not exclude to deploy some of our mStables on other Blockchains.

2024 Implementing of trading robots and deploying mStables where the stabilizition process is fully defined in the smart contract, if possible and if it makes sense.
2023 - 2024 we plan to build a mambo foundation for protection of the human rights to decentralized currency.

2021 Roadmap - accomplished

2021 Roadmap - Timeline
April 2021: We will issue the Mambo Rewards Token on Zilswap first. This is not a Stable Coin, but a speculative Rewards Utility Token for the Mambo community.
Task Completed
********. . .
Issuing the first stablecoin in May was delayed, mainly because of having listed first the mambo token to have a good basis.
June 2021: We will issue one mStables on zilliqa network,
Franc, Chocolate Stablecoin: Launched on June 27 2021.
offer it in a presale phase with a discount to Mambo Token holders
**************** achieved
and make it available in a ZIL-“mStable“ Liquidity pool on the zilswap DEX, as soon as enough funds are raised to do it.
We will offer parallel to zilswap fix rate exchange on to make it possible to exchange mStables at near the pegged price, independent of the current DEX price.
July 2021: opening MAFRE: Mambo Automated Fixes Rates Exchange. A smart contract Swap for stablecoins run by
This will give occasions for arbitrage trades. Those are welcome as long as they help to stabilize the price about the pegged goal.
Who may drive the price of a mStablecoin on the DEX much above the pegged price like a tractor rolling over young plants, may suffer loss because of seignorage trading down the price.
Rembember, AMM DEX are not ideally for any stablecoins, they must be traded constantly towards pegged price by arbitrage trades. In the beginning, the LP is small.
Give the young mStable plants time to grow!
achieved on July 2, earlier than planned!
End of July: We will manually pay out rewards for FRANC LP providers
Summer 2021: We will issue a 2nd and 3rd mStable Coin on zilliqa network
We issued mUSD, MamboDollar , a stablecoin pegged on the DAI, will be brought into circulation by buying it with FRANC Chocolate Stablecoin on MamboSwap.
mUSD launched at the end of July. Task completed.
Early October 2021 (planned for September)
MILO - MAMBO Inital Launch Offering : MILKY BabyStable successfully launched!
3rd / 4th quarter 2021
Working to bring out MILO as a clone of MamboSwap,
in order to be more flexible with launching new tokens, allthough for clients.
Delayed because of technical issues not solved by programmer. We could use MamboSwap itself for M-ILO launches.
MILO October 23: First non Mambo project (ADS) using our M-ILO Plattform MamboSwap for a FAIR LAUNCH
Until End of 2021:
launched Stablecoins:
$Thanks fixed peg on 5 FRANC
$CHRISTMAS launched on December 6-17. 1 $Christmas is 10 mUSD.