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Important Information: June 2024
Mambo transits its activity from Zilliqa to Solana , Kaspa and later altough to Ton Chain and Base Chain.
Other living chains not excluded. We will no longer deploy or create anything on Zilliqa.
For reasons read the post in telegram channel - its evident, it is lose of money and time to build on a ghost chain.
Mambo will from now on only be active with Stablecoins and Memecoins on very active, fast and cheap blockchains.
Liquidation details:
All Stablecoins collateral besides Milky are consolidated into $Franc
Only Franc, Milky and Mambo Liquidity pools remain on and
Liberty, miniBTC, 007 Bond, Christmas, Thanks can be swapped on Mamboswap to Franc.

$MAMBO Meme reward token: The $MAMBO Liquidity pools remains open and Mambo is now a Meme on old scilla Zilliqa.
We will take a snapshot in June 2024. Holders with 100k or more $MAMBOs on zilliqa maybe eligible to claim airdrops of some of our Memecoins created on Solana.
Most probably $MAMBO on Solana.
$MILKY Baby Stablecoin. The LP remains open.
We consider an airdrop for Holders of 50 $MILKY or more once we launch a new Milky on Solana or other chain.
Snapchot in June 2024. It wil have to be claimed.

If you have some of our stablecoins like $CHRISTMAS, $THANKS , $LIBERTY, $007 BOND or $MiniBTC
we recommend to change them into $Franc on Mamboswap.

You can sell $Franc on zilswap or zilall dex for Zil or on MamboSwap for zUSDT (exchange rate according to remaining collateral).
Or you can hold them.
We consider to make a manually managed bridge for $Franc on zilliqa to $Franc on Solana,
once we will have $Franc established on Solana.
About estimated 10-50% of $Franc amount may be claimed to bridge over.

We thank to all who believed in our concept and project. But the best ideas cannot survive in a Ghost Blockchain with leader, technologicaly 2-3 years behind without marketing. Mambo zilliqa archive