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MamboSwap Automated Fixed Rates Exchange

Always compare prices before swapping!

Always compare rates between, and MamboSwap.
Some Stablecoins are only on zilall and MamboSwap.
If some stablecoins are off peg, you may likely get a better price on a DEX than on MamboSwap.

Bigger amounts may get a better price with fixed rates at peg on MamboSwap. Always compare with the amount you want to swap.
Don't blame us, if you make a bad trade. It is a mimimum expected diligence for any trader to look at the price before swapping.
$Mambo is not a stablecoin, do not buy it on MamboSwap. You can try to get a better price to buy $Franc, using $Mambos.

Launch of 3 new Mambo stablecoins, August 3rd, 4th

We are excited to announce the launch of 3 new of it's kind Mambo stablecoins.
Each is pegged on the 2 years moving average of the underlying asset:

$MiniBTC, Mini BITCOIN contract address: zil1tma2udq07t9yddru4aus7ql7p5p29eneptx4jc
$LIBERTY, GOLD Stablecoin
contract Address: zil18w5yektqu7938727ldx9x87gxzrsu7stz6hqq4
$007, 007 BOND Contract Address: zil1cx2ealcdx64d4qm92yvekceffkxgtxr2uhxh98

You can add them already to your wallet.
Join our telegram group to receive updates!

They are launched on MamboSwap and limit orders DEX.
First opens MamboSwap, and shortly after this we open a zilall LP with a sell walll near the peg.

To buy on MamboSwap you need $FRANC, on you need Zil.
Always compare prices and rates and swap where it is better.
Attention: Because $FRANC is currently off peg, this may lead to volatiliy of the $FRANC - NewStable rate.
If you need to buy $FRANC, you most probably get a better price on zilswap, then zilall Dex than on MamboSwap.
If you use dex, we recommend to swap with Zil, not zUSDT, because zUSDT has low liquidity there and this cause more price slippage.

plannted launch time:
$MiniBTC: August 3, about 21:00 GMT +1 (central europe)
$LIBERTY : August 3, about 23:45 GMT +1
$007: August 4, about 10:00 am, GMT +1

Click to open MamboSwap

MamboSwap MAFRE contract address: zil1pfvzz9vqpc60j3l2n3ltc586l65gvahj85xxg7
Mambo admin account for peg price stabilization:
Trading pairs: FRANC, Chocolate Stablecoin
mUSD: zil1nq3j2df3d6ykqp4u73qufpls2ltewgty7ysk7c
MILKY: zil1l8l658hqwz6zmzr7e6emlnfshs9tg53qg3pju9
How to use MamboSwap?
Read below.
Watch the film below.

In short:
On MamboSwap you trade with fixed rates. Your trade has no direct price impact & no slippage.
$FRANC is Mamboswap's basic currency and trades vs $XSGD, $zUSDT and all of our own stablecoins
On MamboSwap you need Xsgd, zUSDT or another mStable to buy FRANC. Not $ZIL.
If you trade on MamboSwap,
compare if you get a better price on zilswap!
Two simple rules for better trading:
1) small amounts oftentimes get a better price on zilswap
2) big amounts may push the price above or below peg on zilswap because of slippage, you may get better price at fixed rate on MamboSwap. If you want to sell big amount of Franc on Mamboswap, check the zUSDT or XSGD funds available first!
You can contact admin of tg @MamboToken if there are not enough funds, if possible we may add funds.
How to:
- connect zilpay wallet to
- First time you swap tokens you must unlock both tokens. 2x unlock. Refresh page after first unlock. You must get 2 success unlock transactions.
- Flip the Token you want to unlock t the left side (FROM) to unlock it!
To swap you can flip it back as you want.
- then swap button should appear. Maybe you must refresh the page again or reconnect the wallet.
Thats all.
- If you get errors, it does not help to speed up transcaction. Its not a slippage problem.
One error can be caused if a tokens is currently sold out on MamboSwap and you want to buy more than available.
In this case you have to wait until its funded again or may find a good price on zilswap.
It was successfully tested with zilpay on Brave, Chromium, Chrome and Zilpay on Android Browser.

Check the funds on MamboSwap:

The current rates are shown on MamboSwap itself. The margin maybe an additiol margin (fee).

MamboSwap has daily limits per wallet. If you exeed this limit, you'll get an error. The limit display may not be updated. So on next day you can swap even if display says limit is reached.

The sell back rate of FRANC can fall below peg price, if the estimated value of collateral sinks below peg!
In this case it is likely you get a better price on zilswap to sell FRANC.
We wont build up the FRANC or other Stablecoins on empty air !
Before Trading on MamboSwap, read the explanation below - scroll down!

Go 2 Mamboswap

1. Go to the Swap Website:
Be aware of fishing sites. Only this URL is the right one.
2. Connect your zilpay wallet to MamboSwap
3. At right upper corner you see your daily swap limit in FRANC.
This is slowly going up with growing liquidity.
4. Enter the amount you want to change.
You get ecactly the amount shown.
Swap and confirm as usual with the zilpay popup.
Before you swap, compare zilswap rates and take the better price.

Current applied Exchange rates in the yellow-olive field of the sheet.
Click on image to get the updated rates on the sheet.
Read the text below how MamboSwap works.
Go to MamboSwap:

Mambo-Swap Automated Fixed Rates Exchange

We are excited to write crypto history, introducing the first of it's kind
MamboSwap Automated Fixed Rates Exchange : MAFRE

Unlike AMM (automated market maker) like Zilswap DEX, MamboSwap is a automated fixed rates exchange.
A single trade does not generate a price slippage.
Compare rates with Zilswap or other DEX's and take the best to swap.
MamboSwap can run stable with low liquidity. It i ideal for stablecoin swaps, and new stablecoins.
MAFRE works best as stablecoin/stablecoin exchange and for fair ILO's.

MamboSwap gives everybody the possibility, to check for a better exchange price.
We recommand to always compare swap rates with Zilswap or other DEX's coming up.
This diversity of swap possibilities will help to calibrate specially stablecoins about the pegged price, or in case of lack of collateral around the colateralized price.
We will launch our next mStablecoins with MAFRE and make it possible for all small investors, to get the full intended amount of tokens at launcht price, thanks to the daily limit per account we will set.

How it works

The big adavantage of Mamboswap is that bigger amounts will NOT change the rate. The rate are fixed and adapted by mambo according to market rates and collateral value.
Limits: there is a daily swap limit per account. This limit will increase with increasing franc in circulation.
Opening limits per account in first several hours: 500 Franc.
If everything works fine we lift it to 2000k after several hours.
Then to 10K franc daily. If overall liquidity and totals franc in circulation rizes, we will rize this limit further.

For Liquidtity and security reasons the funds avaiable in MamboSwap, Franc and XSGD are limited too. If you try to swap an amount above what is in the swap, the transaction will be rejected. Try with smaller amount and / or later.

MamboSwap ILO’s will make it possible to launch new stablecoins 100% fair at a fixed rate for everybody. MamboSwap can although be used to launch speculativ tokens 100% fair at fixed rates for small and big investors. Thanks to MamboSwaps fixed rates and possibility to limit daily swap amount per account, it will be possible to launch any token totally fair. Small investors will have to get their full intented share at the same price as big investors.

For questions join our telegram group @MamboToken
Attention: in the beginning weeks the sell Franc back rate is much lower than the pegged price. This is necessary to build up liquidity and collateral and to discourage ppl to sell back soon. You may find a better sell back Franc price at Zilswap.
Later we will be able to narrow the buy/sell margin much more.

Open MamboSwap here:

How to use MamboSwap, mUSD

Arbitrage Trade with MamboSwap

Always compare prices before swapping!

Due to the nature of $MILKY
(growing stablecoin) and of $MAMBO (not a stablecoin) their BUY margin is far off. You most likely get a better price on ZILSWAP to buy them.
But you may get a better sell price for them on MamboSwap. Always compare prices.
Don't blame us, if you make a bad trade. It is a mimimum expected diligence for any trader to look at the price before swapping.