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Happy Birfday Memecoin

Happy Birfday

$HAPPY , HAPPY BIRFDAY - the origal created by Mambo for his daughter
Contract address: 3YHfjrYdBXxR6YaCAqEKg6k4XyNRJqMiosrjMUXmpump
Buy it here:
Later on raydium Dex (when bonding curve on is full)

Vision for $Happy Birfday:
8 Billion people buy every year for every Birthday party some original Mambo $Happy Birfday.
A longterm growith Multi Billion Memecoin.

"Honey, did you buy me some Birfday coins?"
"No, what's that?"
"You don't love me!"
"Dad, did you buy me some $Happy Brifday?"
"No, whats that?"
**Hmm,, Dad is a retard, to much of boden**