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Mambo Meme Coins

Mambo Memecoins

Rug pull resistant fair launch Memecoins by Mambo:

This are the original Mambo Memecoins, all others are fake!
They are made for long term gains, and will still be live in 2 years or more.

Contract Address: 3YHfjrYdBXxR6YaCAqEKg6k4XyNRJqMiosrjMUXmpump
launched June 4, 2024

2. Name not reveiled yet: about mid June 24

3. Mid to end June 2024: $Mambo our original $Mambo Memecoin. The lubricant for the Mambo coins community.

4. End June or July 2024: Very special Meme Stabllecoin $Milky, Baby Stablecoin, growing, pegged on goats milk price.