$LIBERTY, GOLD Stablecoin

$LIBERTY, GOLD Stablecoin
is pegged on the 2 years moving average of forex Gold, XAU.
This makes it much more stable than the forex Gold price itself.
It is partially backed by forex Gold, other Gold stablecoins like PAX Gold, Tether Gold, and by $zUSDT and $Zil
supply is elastic, if there is demand, more can be minted. If demand shrinks, it can be taken out of circulation or burnt.

Read the $LIBETY withepaper:
$LIBERTY GOLD Stablecoin whitepaper [304 KB]

Launch: $LIBERTY was launched in August 2022
on MamboSwap and zilall.com limited order DEX. Always compare rates and swap the better.

The tokenomy is simple and 100% fair:
Initial supply: 200'000 , Decimals: 12
Contract Address: zil18w5yektqu7938727ldx9x87gxzrsu7stz6hqq4

Managment accounts:
Reserves, owner, minter / burner account: 50%: zil1knese3fx63s8ka69a69ckhy8vd4ml2qpe0x7sm
DEX funding account: 25%: zil1cer5vc26gvsq5das2alk7e6afp8vllg82vvpd4
MamboSwap funding account: 25%: zil1nn0w0wyezp2l09eksyzekzv8t0yuc9jrwc37qn
MamboSwap address:zil1pfvzz9vqpc60j3l2n3ltc586l65gvahj85xxg7
= 100%
Account to to fund external gold collateral:zil18c8sxg2dl3x0dhexhu54sda6zvnyn9qklle769
We will have to take out Zil or other bridged tokens to buy PAX/Tether Gold or forex gold.
Transfers will be protocolled.

Price example:
Price levels on July 30, 2022 :
2yma : 1774 USD
current forex Gold price: 1765 USD.
1 $Liberty = 1.77 USD

The forex price is currently very near to the 2yma of XAU!

Gold chart with 2y moving average