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mUSD, MamboDollar. This Stablecoin was launched Saturday July 31, 20201 on MamboSWap

mUSD, MamboDollar contract address: zil1nq3j2df3d6ykqp4u73qufpls2ltewgty7ysk7c

mUSD is pegged on the DAI and USDT that means it's pegged on the USD.
It is the first USD pegged stablecoin in zilliqa.
It is launched with a 100% fair launch on MamboSwap.
LAUNCH Details
READ the
Whitepaper to understand what kind of stablecoin mUSD is, before investing in it.
mUSD will be collaterized (backed) the same as FRANC
(with other cryptos), but it's circulation will be easier in controll since it's coming into circulation exclusively by FRANC on Mamboswap and if it's above peg on zilswap DEX by selling it for ZIL.
The risk to be backed by enough collateral lies mainly on FRANC what makes it easier to hold mUSD around the USD peg!

How to trade mUSD on MamboSwap?
Watch the MamboSwap explainer video below

mUSD Whitepaper

Download the mUSD MamboDollar Whitepaper as PDF [133 KB]
mUSD, MamboDollar contract address: zil1nq3j2df3d6ykqp4u73qufpls2ltewgty7ysk7c

100% fair Launch of mUSD, MamboDollar

mUSD was launched on July 31, 2021.

mUSD MamboDollar - 100% fair Launch thanks to MamboSwap (MILO) More about how MamboSwap works here.
It can already be tested with small amounts (suggesting to use not more than 10mUSD for mainet real test.)
The MamboSwap is funded with 100-200 real mUSD for testing.

We strongly recommend NOT to open a zilswap pool before we do.
We consider this as aggresiv behavior against our project.
Who opens a LP before we do may suffer heavy losses, or those who begin to trade, since we will have to adjust the price to the peg!

How mUSD is launched and issued into market?

It is a 100% fair launch. No dedicated accounts, no presales, no special conditions for anybody.

mUSD is exclusively launched on MamboSwap at at fixed rates.
It must be bought with FRANC Chocolate Stablecoin.

There are only 2 ways, mUSD comes into circulation:
1. Initial and continuing main entry point is: Must be bought with FRANC at MamboSwap
2. The second possibility is, when the price on zilswap or other AMM Dex's is above peg, we may sell mUSD into the market to lower down the price.
This two exclusive ways to come into circulation makes mUSD very transparent and easy managable.
The only exeption it the 1% Maintenance account, which can be negllected.

The rates on MamboSwap are taken from the current lower band sell FRANC rate, which is estimated to be fully collaterized. Thiswill help to holdmUSD around it's pegged price. Most of the risk will remain on FRANC itself to fall below peg and not on mUSD. On the other hand, if FRANC comes back to it's pegged price, FANC holders will profit of this, while mUSD holders will just sit on the peg and relativey loose buying power towards FRANC. But the goal is to be pegged on USD and not on some FRANC rate. We will explain this in a video.
Here is the link to our rates sheet.

When will it be avaiable on DEX?
This depends on how much mUSD will be bought at launch. It makes not much sense to start a miniatur LP.
We should sell at least 5000 mUSD to get about 40-50k ZIL to open the pool. If we will open it with less is not sure.

Add mUSD to your wallet:
mUSD, MamboDollar contract address: zil1nq3j2df3d6ykqp4u73qufpls2ltewgty7ysk7c

Listing on viewblock with logo, zilstream (unvetted) an zilswap, as soon as we open a LP pool. Up to 15 hours later

MamboDollar Tokenomics

For tokenomics see MamboDollar Whitepaper. [133 KB]

How to use MamboSwap, mUSD