$007, 007 BOND

$007, 007 BOND
is an elastic stablecoin pegged on the 2 years moving average (2yma) of Monero, XMR.
It is partially backed by Monero, Zil, zUSDT

Read the whitepaper: 007 BOND whitepaper [268 KB]

Launch: August 2022
Avaibable on MamboSwap and zilall.com limited order DEX. Always compare rates and swap the better.

The tokenomy is simple and 100% fair:
Contract Address: zil1cx2ealcdx64d4qm92yvekceffkxgtxr2uhxh98
Initial supply: 10000, Decimals: 12
It is elastic, if there is demand, more can be minted. If demand shrinks, it can be taken out of circulation or burnt.

Management accounts:
Reserves, owner, minter / burner account: 70%: zil1knese3fx63s8ka69a69ckhy8vd4ml2qpe0x7sm
DEX LP funding account: 20%: zil1cer5vc26gvsq5das2alk7e6afp8vllg82vvpd4
MamboSwap funding account: 10%: zil1nn0w0wyezp2l09eksyzekzv8t0yuc9jrwc37qn
MamboSwap address:zil1pfvzz9vqpc60j3l2n3ltc586l65gvahj85xxg7
= 100%
Exchange to Monero wallet account: zil18c8sxg2dl3x0dhexhu54sda6zvnyn9qklle769
We will have to take out Zil or other bridged tokens to buy real Monero as part of collateral.
Monero collateral wallet receiving address:we will pubish printscreens.

Price exemple:
on July 25, 2022 the price of
Monero was: 148 USD.
The 2yMA was 198,
about 50 above the current bear market price.
One $007 = 198 USD