FRANC Info and Whitepaper

FRANC, Chocolate Stablecoin
Contract Address: zil1z4hxwnqk9gu6tamcw4umxss9wjpmrkhzdh4n85
$FRANC PEG: Currently at 1.005 with CHF [last update Oct. 19, 2021]
We apply an anticipated inflation rate of minimum 1-2% per year.
Original peg at 1:1 with CHF.
It's pegged on a chocolate retail price. Read about peg in whitepaper.
Franc, latin, means free, a free man, not slave. Franc is crypto money for freedom loving responsible honest people.
Latest infos tg @MamboToken group
ATTENTION: DYOR, READ THE WHITEPAPER to avoid making false trading decisions.
Only buy franc, if you understand enough of our concept. DYOR!
Whitepaper download as PDF here. [109 KB]

Franc Tokenomy


Tokenomy of FRANC, Chocolate Stablecoin

Initial supply: 1'000’000 Tokens(supply is elastic)
New tokens may be minted, if there is demand.
decimals 6
Token Contract address: zil1z4hxwnqk9gu6tamcw4umxss9wjpmrkhzdh4n85
Important addresses:
Contract owner: zil1nt00zxls992zakdq9fwcqqhafm4lqhxjf8rndk
Burner / Minter: zil1lrltfxlmzky9dl3m3k35wdyamuz5ekmz7cm300
Distributor, Collateral, Reserve: zil1jwupzktvdqpd90y7mrh68hpgxr9w8hlve8zk4l
Liquidity Pool taken from reserve and pre sales account: on
MAFRE Mambo Automated Fixed Rates Exchange: MamboSwap:
Mafre Contract Address: zil1pfvzz9vqpc60j3l2n3ltc586l65gvahj85xxg7
Stabilization, Trader Account, elastic: zil1nn0w0wyezp2l09eksyzekzv8t0yuc9jrwc37qn
Stabilization Account 2:
Pre sales: for manually made exchange payments. zil1q2pkpjydz9z2dtccjtdsfja54qkr538hsrr7xy
Mambo FRANC Dev Team, Security, Maintenance (see picture above).

This is only the initial Token amount and distribution. The principle of mStablecoins is an elastic quantity according to demand. Additional tokens may be minted if needed. To much tokens may be taken out of circulation and burned, if the demand shrinks, to maintain the price.
Important to know is, that only the tokens in the liquidity pool and sold on Mambo Exchange or presale, tokens sold from stabilization account, tokens from mambo dev. team and strategic partner (after release from frozen state) can be counted to be in circulation. Only those must be collaterized. Tokens remaining in Distributors account, Mambo Exchange or Stabilization Account are not to be considered in circulation. They are in reserve. Tokens in circulation are collaterized. By selling tokens from reserve, the amount of collateral growth.