FRANC Profit Dividend

FRANC LP providers receive Rewards in $Mambo. Details and conditions here.
update per September 21, 2021:
10000 $Mambos per week, payed every two weeks.
This is in average about 43333 Mambos per month.
For this we take every week a random snapshot.
Important Condition: You hold 50x the amount of the FRANC in $Mambo in same wallet. LP Counts too.
This conditions should be in place at least until End of November.
If Franc should become eligible for zwap rewards, we would stop our rewards from that point on.

Our Original LP is excluded from the mambo rewards zil1jwupzktvdqpd90y7mrh68hpgxr9w8hlve8zk4l
What makes FRANC Chocolate Stablecoin more exciting than any of the know stablecoins is this:

FRANC LP providers are eligible for possible DIVIDEND from stablecoin management profits payed out in FRANC.
We consider to pay out such dividens normally only, if the value of the collateral exeeds 150% of the circulationg FRANC.

At the end of each month the Mambo Team calculates the value of total collateral. If it exeeds 150% and marketing conditions allows it, we then decide whether we pay out an amount of FRANC to all LP providers and we decide how much.
In market corrections, when the value of the collateral shrinks, we may not pay out any such profits until it reaches again 150% of circulation FRANC.

Franc Profit payments

Date Paid to all FRANC LP Providers proportional to their share. estimated % per month
The % includes the zil part of the pool share!
estimated APR %.
31.8.2021 400 3.56 42.72
10.10.2021 100 2.50 29.95