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Mambo Stablecoins

Mambo Stablecoins
- non fiat, pegged on physical assets or moving averages, growing in value, Inflation resistent
- stabilized with the Mambo stabilization mechanisme. In future with trading robots.

Mambo Stablecoins - finally it is fun to pay
Inflation protection.

Planned for 2024:
$FRANC Chocolate Stabecoin (pegged on chocolate price)
$MILKY, Baby Stablecoin (pegged on milk price, but growing up)
$CHRISTMAS = 10 $MUSD (12% growth rate)
$THANKS , (= 5 $Franc) limited edition

2024 or 2025
$LIBERTY Gold Stablecoin,
$007 BOND (Monero Moving Average)
$MiniBTC (Bitcoin Moving Average)
$StSol , Sol Stablecoin (Sol Moving Average).

Colateral: other crypto currencies and stabilazation Trading profits.
Stabilized with limit sell and buy order walls (and in future traging robots smart contracts).