$MiniBTC, Mini BITCOIN is the first stabilized Bitcoin.
It's price is pegged on 1/1000 of the 2 years (730 days) moving average of Bitcoin.
This moving average behaves like a growing stablecoin.
Finally there is now a Bitcoins, that can be used to make prices in BTC without having to care about daily volatility.

Read the whitepaper, it's interesting!
Mini Bitcoin whitepaper [287 KB]
Launched in August 2022
on MamboSwap and zilall.com limited order DEX. Always compare rates and swap the better.

$MiniBTC is backed by other cryptocurrencies, mainly BTC (zWBTC), USDT and Zil.

Very simple tokenomics, no private or special distributions. 100% fair.

MiniBTC contract address: zil1tma2udq07t9yddru4aus7ql7p5p29eneptx4jc
initial supply: 100'000 , Decimals: 12

3 Management accounts.
Reserve, owner, minter / burner account, 70%: zil1knese3fx63s8ka69a69ckhy8vd4ml2qpe0x7sm
Distribution, DEX's and rewards account, 20%: zil1cer5vc26gvsq5das2alk7e6afp8vllg82vvpd4
MamboSwap, Management account, 10%: zil1nn0w0wyezp2l09eksyzekzv8t0yuc9jrwc37qn
MamboSwap smart contract address: zil1pfvzz9vqpc60j3l2n3ltc586l65gvahj85xxg7

= 100%

Price example:
on July 4, 2022 the
rice for 1 $miniBTC was: 36,37 USD
2yma was:36374 USD
BTC price was: 19127 USD

The 2 years moving average of BTC