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Mambo Stablecoins, mStables

Our Stablecoins

All you must know about our stablecoin projects.
We plan to deploy at least 5 - 10 cool stablecoins, that are pegged on physical daily life assets, food, cars, moving averages, etc.
Read allthough our Homepage AND Stablecoin Protocol to fully understand our concept and vision, and to avoid investement or trading mistakes.
WARNING: DO NOT BUY the mStable Coins at a higher price than 103-110% of the pegged price. You may suffer loss by our seignorage trading or by arbitrage traders. You can allways buy it on MamboSwap for about 100-104%
If the price of a mStable in the DEX is above 103% of the pegged price, stay away and wait until it comes down or buy it here in the MAFRE. Mambo Fixed Rates Exchange or on another exchanges that offers the pegged price plus minus 1-3%. If the price is below the pegged price, we consider it as a good speculativ investement occasion.
Since Zil maybe very volatile above 10% change in one day, it will happen, that the pegged price is broken for short time. So stay cool.
One part of Mambo`s Stable Coin Phylosophy is: Avoid hectic if possible. Price correcting measures will often happen with latency and considering a moving average rather than price of the current hour.
Why should you invest in mStablecoins?
- mStables protect against FIAT Inflation
- you finally have a stable cryptocurrency to make decentralized payments
- you can buy physical items with our stablecoin
in more and more shops, accepting mStables.
- One of the main attraction of mStables will be: A part of the profits made by seignorage trading will be distributed to stakers or holders
- mStables are ideal assets for farming pools and vaults - yet to be made

  • mUSD, MamboDollar

    mUSD, MamboDollar is a stabelcoin pegged on DAI, USDT. That means it is a USD pegged stablecoin.

  • Christmas Coin

    $Christmas Coin is a special Stablecoin with an anticipated applied growth rate of 0.5% per month to fight inflation. It is originally pegged on 10 USD, but because of the growth rate it's peg rised annually about 7%.


    $THANKS is a Mambo stablecoin pegged on 5 $FRANC. Its a Limited Edition Stablecoin

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