FRANC, Chocolate Stablecoin

FRANC, Chocolate Stablecoin
Contract Address: zil1z4hxwnqk9gu6tamcw4umxss9wjpmrkhzdh4n85
$FRANC PEG: Currently at 1.005 with CHF [last update Oct. 19, 2021]
We apply an anticipated inflation rate of minimum 1-2% per year.
Original peg at 1:1 with CHF.
It's pegged on a chocolate retail price. Read about peg in whitepaper.
Franc, latin, means free, a free man, not slave. Franc is crypto money for freedom loving responsible honest people.
Latest infos tg @MamboToken group
ATTENTION: DYOR, READ THE WHITEPAPER to avoid making false trading decisions.
Only buy franc, if you understand enough of our concept. DYOR!
Whitepaper download as PDF here. [109 KB]