MILKY BabyStable

Milky trading infos

Buy or sell $MILKY on
We will offer $MILKY swaps on Mamboswap once it reaches its upper peg price.
Full peg 1 MILKY = 2.5 FRANC
Backed price at about 0.75 FRANC. All above speculative like any other.
You speculate in the potential of MILKY to grow backed by collateral to full peg over time.
This makes MILKY special and is the reason for the name BabyStable, it has to grow.

Milky Launch October 3, 23:15 UTC+1

- MILKY, BabyStable: 100% fair Launch at MILO
- What is MIKLY BabyStable?
- MILKY Whitepaper [377 KB]
- MILKY Tokenomics
- MILKY LP Rewards: 800 Milkies/month first 2 months only.
Milky Address: zil1l8l658hqwz6zmzr7e6emlnfshs9tg53qg3pju9
Full peg price: 2.50 FRANC
Launch Price: 0.53 - 0.62 FRANC
Backed by other cryptos as collateral. Milky has to grow up toward full peg over time.
The first MILO event went smoothly and ended on October 4, 2021.
MILKY is now on zilswap. Trade carefully, as long as it is a small liquidity pool.
Attention: You can at any time sell back MILKY at fixed rates on MamboSwap.
Attention: The buy MILKY price on MamboSwap is set at full peg 2.50 Franc per Milky (inverst 0.40) . You get most probably a better price on zilswap, until the full peg is reached.

MILKY BabyStable is a growing stablecoin by Mambo

MILKY BabyStable is a growing stablecoin issued by team.
It is pegged on 1 Liter of organic goats milk of a small family farm.
At launch the price is at 1/4 of the pegged price.
That means it has the potential to grow up to the peg price, before it is capped by the stabilazation mechanisme.
This makes MIKLY behave at the beginning like a speculative utility token, until iit reaches the peg, fully colateralized.
Milky is backed by other cryptocurrencies as collateral. Mainly ZIL and Mambos, and some Stream and Carb. Others not excluded.

Download the MILKY, Milky BabyStable Withepaper [377 KB]

Milky Tokenomics

Tokenomics details see whitepaper page 5 [377 KB] . 100% fair.
No presales. No airdrops.
1% for rewards of our LP porviders
1% for mainenance
98% of initial tokens is in the 3 stablecoin management accounts:
1) to fund MamboSwap and peg stabilization trader account zil1nn0w0wyezp2l09eksyzekzv8t0yuc9jrwc37qn
2) collateral and zilswap LP account zil183gx8k6y4shxel0r6754evw33m99lucutx3lxp
3) reserve and distributor account zil1jwupzktvdqpd90y7mrh68hpgxr9w8hlve8zk4l
NO Dev, Team, or any other special account. Nobody received free Milkies (exeption of course the merited rewards for Mambo LP August)
100% fair sale on MILO and then at fixed rates at MamboSwap and tradable on Zilswap.
No other ways, Milky BabyStable comes into circulation.
Only through our fixed rates Exchanges Milo and MamboSwap and through selling into AMM DEX pools like Zilswap.